Implementation of Skills Sector Development Programme (ADB and World Bank) – 2014 -2020

Programme Introduction

The Sector Skills Development Programme (SSDP) is a new initiative in the skills development sector with the support of Asian Development Bank (ADB) and World Bank. This programme is being executed by the Sector Skills Development Division (SSDD) under the purview of the former Ministry of Highways, Higher Education and Investment Promotion (MHHEIP) for a period of seven years commencing from 2014 onwards. The speciality of this programme is result based funding with help of Disbursement Linked Indicators (DLIs). 

The major objective of this programme is to build an efficient skills development system to meet the demands of local as well as foreign labour markets with the support of ADB and World Bank along with other development partners. Hence, the overall objective of this programme is to provide constructive platform for better alignment and coordination of assistance in the TVET sector. Thus, all development partners enable to align their ongoing programmes with this national requirement and channel their future initiatives through SSDP by closely cooperating with SSDD. Accordingly, the SSDP has been formulised to bring its overarching outcome that implant a efficient skills education system in the country by 2020 by achieving five specific objectives such as improving quality, access, relevance, reforms (supportive policies, system and structure) and branding the TVET sector through social marketing for skills training.